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About BECS Pacific


The BECS Pacific ltd story begins in 1957 when Clyde Beadle first opened the doors of Fuel Injection Sales and Service in Compton California.

Clyde was somewhat of a perfectionist and customers soon found that when they bought one of his injectors or pumps, they received a full dollar's value for a dollar spent.

Our name may have changed but our philosophy continues: BECS Pacific Ltd exists to serve you the customer, and therefore, every effort must be made to increase quality, timeliness, and convenience at prices that are fair and competitive.

For over 50 years customers have continued to place their confidence in BECS, allowing our company to grow and expand its products and services.

Now BECS Pacific ltd has 5 west coast locations, and dozens of highly trained employees to serve your Turbocharger, Diesel Fuel Injection, and Engine Component needs.